Das Döner Lied - The Döner song

Given that Döner Kebab is by far the most popular fast food in Germany, one would think that it played a big role in popular culture. Think about what pizza is to the Ninja Turtles or donuts to Homer Simson. But a part from a few examples, the Döner isn't really that present in popular culture.

One exception is music, where a few examples are turning the spotlight on the snack of our lives. Most known might be the song by DROB DYNAMIC called "Alles Komplett". The song connects the love for the rappers birth place, Kreuzberg, also called "little Instanbul" with his love for its culinary symbol number one, the Döner Kebab. In the charming video the rapper makes fun of hipsters in tight jeans asking about locally sourced meat and taking forever to place their order. As an homage to his hood, the actors in the video are from the community project Street University Berlin, a local organisation offering neighbourhood youngsters an alternative to life on the streets.

If the title as "The Döner song" or das Döner Lied number one is to be given according to views on youtube, there is one strong competitor for most popular song. In 2013 the Berlin-duo SDP - Stonedeafproduction, published the love song "Candle light Döner" where a meal consisting of Döner and canned beer becomes a magical menu in the company of the right person.

Further examples are the kitschy, schlager inspired "ich bin ein Döner" by Tim Toupet, or the jazz song "Döner Komplett" by the band Talking Horns.

There are a few more examples, ready for your exploration out on our favourite hang out the Internet. Do you have any tips for us about Döner in popular culture? Let us know, we would love to here.

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