About us

About us

Our collection is inspired by numerous visits to Döner Kebab shops in Berlin and our appreciation of the men and women who have turned this basic street food into a symbol of this bustling city.

Be inventive and spread joy with what you do. Be aware of your heritage and embrace new opportunities. Even humble inventions can contribute and benefit the many. We draw on inspiration from the pioneers of the 1960s and 1970s who defied obstacles and big challenges and created a business to support their own family and turned it into an industry that spread across the continent.  

The Products

All products are designed in Berlin an produced in Germany. We work with Berlin artists and illustrators on exclusive series and strive to use organic materials when possible.

The people behind

Working as teachers and tour guides in Berlin our attention was often directed at the influence of Turkish immigrants on the fabric of the city. Every visitor we met, young or old, all had a Döner Kebab on their bucket list for their Berlin visit. Having visited our fair share of Dönerladen we started to research the story of the mythic street food, claimed to be a genuine Berlin invention created by Turkish migrant workers at the end of the 1960's. The story behind it, being myth or reality or a bit of both, have inspired us immensely and with our collection we want to share that story with the rest of the world.

Made with lots of love and appetite on life, 

Jens and Rasmus.

We support

With every sale we donate 5% of the income towards the creation of a Döner Museum. With the Museum we want to create exhibitions and tell stories about one of the most popular and mundane contributions to the culinary world in Germany.