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Das Döner pin

Das Japanische yuruyuru studio hat einen einzigartigen Dönerpin entworfen. Hier erzählt die Designerin Natsuno Hattori von ihrem Liebe zum Döner und wie deutsche Holzhäuser sie nach Deutschland gezogen haben.

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Döner 2.0

Award winning bartender and restaurateur Cihan Anadologlu, explores the history of the döner kebab and offers the largest collection of döner recipes to date.  "We all know the classic döner with meat, sauces, tomatoes, cucumber and some kraut, but why shouldn’t we try to mix that up?" He tells das Dönermuseum in an interview. "My book has recipes with mushrooms, fruits, truffles or wagyu beef." Read more about Anadologlus book and why he is on a mission to change kebab!

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Do you remember your last döner? Interview with the author Selina Ursprung.

In her book Mit Blauem Pulli und Falafel Fladenbrot Selina Ursprung draws, paints and writes about her observations from Döner restaurants in Biel, Bern and Berlin. She picks up on the interior decorations, pieces of overheard communication and the mundane acts of selling, buying and eating döner kebab. We talked with the artist about her book.

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