Listen to the Döner

According to the legend the Döner was born on the streets of Berlin. Who was the first to sell Döner? Where was it sold? And does it even make sense to search for the original döner?

These are the questions asked and answered in the VoiceMap audiowalk "The Dönerkebab: A short history". This audioguide takes you on a 45 minutes walk through a small part of Kreuzberg, also called little Istanbul. Dive in to a world of fast food, slow struggles and witness the birth of one modern Germanys gratest culinary exports.

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How to do audiowalk

The audiowalks are hosted buy VoiceMap and you need to download the app to listen to the story. When you have the app just follow the instructions to the starting point. You can start the story when you are at the Omar Mosque i Kreuzberg and the story will play as you move along the planned route.


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  • squdward fan

    this was a nice page. Thank you guys for the information. Can you guys send me more pictures of the dönner. thank you in advance. :)

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