Making Das Dönermuseum

Das Dönermuseum

What is Das Dönermuseum? Why does the Döner belong in a museum? Where can I visit? Get answer to four frequently asked questions here.

What is Das Dönermuseum?

Das Dönermuseum is our dream. We dream of creating the worlds first Museum dedicated to the Döner and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Turkish immigrants in Germany who made the snack we know today.

Why does the Döner belong in a Museum?

The story of the Döner is much more than a story of a popular street food. It is a story of inventiveness and struggles, of finding opportunities in new surroundings and of economical survival. And it is the story behind the most popular food in Germany! These stories are worth telling and it is about time they are recorded given that the first chefs are ageing and when they pass away, so does their story.

Where can I visit?

Right now you can visit the Museum shop online and you can read about the Döner on our social media channels. We are working towards creating the first exhibition and will update everywhere in due time.

How can I support?

By buying the merchandise in our shop. Like every museum we have a museum shop and 5% of our income from the shop goes towards creating the Döner Museum.




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