Wanted - the Döner logo designer

It is known all over Germany and instantly connected with Döner Kebab. Now you can even by a shirt with the classic logo in our store. But who is behind this iconic logo?

We tried googling it and came out short. Lots of different logos from different kebab shops, but no information what so ever about the original logo.

We are awaiting an interview with Eberhard Seidel, the author behind "Aufgespießt - wie der Döner über den Deutschen kam". In his book there is nothing about the well known logo, but he might have more insights than that...  


The European federation of Turkish Döner producers are based in Berlin and responsible for events around Döner culture and production. They even awarded Kadil Nurman a special price honouring him as the inventor of the döner, but we haven't been able to get any information from them about the logo either.

This leaves us with one option. We want to ask you, döner lovers of the world, to help us find the answer. Who came up with the original design for the Döner Kebab logo? The one who provides us with an answer or an useful hint will be awarded with a free Döner Kebab T-Shirt, delivered with a personal Dönermuseum greeting and a mention on our website.  


  • Wi xeit

    Doesn’t seem to be that easy to figure this out: https://zeitung.faz.net/woche/wirtschaft/2020-06-26/168b09de815d99c9f13dd151957894eb/?GEPC=s3

  • Das Museum

    Thank you Tyler for the video. We’ve tried to find the guy in the video with no luck, do you have any idea if he is still in business?
    Best, Rasmus from Das Dönermuseum

  • Tyler

    Even though this video doesn’t provide the name of the logo designer, it might still be quite interesting to you :) https://vimeo.com/8735623

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